• RBQ : 5588-9240-01

Dryer vent cleaning
and inspection
via camera with detector
vents and bird guards
Installation, repair and reconfiguration
dryer exhaust systems
  • Cleaning the dryer vent in your home

Does your dryer overheat, no longer drys or takes forever to dry? Lint accumulation, bird nests or improper installation are very often the source of the problem.
Nettoyage Dry-Sec has the expertise to solve your problem. We have all the equipment, ducts, vents and bird guards to clean, repair, or refurbish your dryer exhaust system.

Whether your dryer is designed for residential or commercial use, our certified technicians can inspect, clean, repair your dryer vents and bring it up to code.

Nettoyage Dry-Sec your dryer vent specialist in the greater metropolitan area. For an evaluation, call 514 337-5111.