• RBQ : 5588-9240-01

Dryer vent cleaning
and inspection
via camera with detector
vents and bird guards
Installation, repair and reconfiguration
Dryer exhaust systems
SKYLift Service
for high rise

Dryer vent cleaning for owners and managers of condominiums or multi-unit buildings: 514 337-5111.

We are equipped for drilling into foundations if a new configuration is needed, for a shorter run, with minimal restrictions (from, for example, elbows). We use rigid or semi-rigid metal ducts in our installations. When working in attics, we use insulating blankets with vapour barriers for new pipe installation. We also use video cameras with detectors to identify problems inside the ducts.
YOU are a source of information and advice for all the owners in YOUR building. We take the satisfaction of our customers, and thus of yours, to heart.

Nettoyage Dry-Sec, your dryer vent specialists in the greater metropolitan area. For an evaluation, call 514 337-5111.